21st May 1909

Berta Hummel born in Massing an der Rott

01st May 1915

Entered the Massing Primary School

03rd May 1921

Transfer to the Institute of Marienhöhe in Simbach am Inn, a secondary school for girls run by the English Sisters

25th March 1926

Conclusion of education in the Institute of Marienhöhe

Berta Hummel
self portrait 1929

1927 - 1931

Studies at the State School of Applied Arts (renamed 1928) under Professors M. Dasio, E. Brauneis, F. Wirnhier, etc.; friendship with two young Franciscan Sisters from the Convent of Siessen near Saulgau in Württemberg who were also studying at the State School

18th March 1931

Final Examination at the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, passed with highest marks. Certification with a grade average of "One" (grade one = A in English)

22nd April 1931

Entry into the Franciscan Convent of Siessen as a candidate; engaged there mainly in the parament workshop and as a drawing teacher; children's pictures, works to order

from 1931

Yearly exhibitions in Siessen, also in Beuron and Munich

December 1932

First edition of pictures and postcards in Rottenburg and Munich

30th May - 8th June 1933

Final visit to parental home prior to investiture in the Siessen Convent

22nd August 1933

Investiture, acceptance of the name Maria Innocentia, start of the one-year novitiate

from 1933

Permanent exhibition in the "Hummel Room", Siessen Convent

30th August 1934

Conventual profession, public taking of the first vows

4th November 1934

Publication of the first "Hummel Book" by Emil Fink Verlag, Stuttgart, edition of 5.000


Start of the link with the Porzellanfabrik W. Goebel in Oeslau, today Rödental, near Coburg; production start of Hummel figurines


First exhibition of Hummel figurines at the Leipzig Spring Fair

5th May 1935

Start of further studies at the State School of Applied Arts in Munich

18th - 20th August 1936

Tour of the Porzellanfabrik Goebel in Oeslau; workers thank Sister Maria Innocentia for providing work through production of the "Hummel figurines"

23rd March 1937

National Socialists attack Sister Maria Innocentia's children's pictures in the journal "The SA Man"

24th April 1937

After interruption due to ill health, conclusion of advanced studies at the State School of Applied Arts in Munich, again with a top mark grade average

30th August 1937

Profession of eternal faith, taking final vows

9th April 1938

Arrival of the altarpiece depicting Holy Brother Conrad. This piece was displayed above the left side altar in the Massing parish church

October 1939

Publication of the second Hummel Book "Hui, die Hummel" by the Ars sacra Verlag Josef Müller, Munich

4th November 1940

Evacuation of the Siessen Convent by order of the National Socialist regime

November 1940 and
October 1942

Visits to parents in Massing to recuperate

August 1944 to
September 1945

Periode of treatment in sanatoria in Isny and Wangen

9th September 1946

Return to Siessen Convent

6th November 1946

Death of Sister Maria Innocentia Berta Hummel in Siessen Convent

9th November 1946

Burial in the Convent Cemetery in Siessen


20th - 24th August 1947

Exhibition of the works of Sister Maria Innocentia in the Angslperger Inn in Massing

17th - 25th April 1948

Cultural exhibition by the City of Friedrichshafen with works by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel

October 1950

Exhibition in Massing of Hummel pictures and Hummel figurines together with the A. Hummel Collection


Opening of the present Hummel Room in the Siessen Convent with children's pictures, altarpieces and the Stations of the Cross sketches


Opening of the Berta-Hummel-Museum in Massing; large collection of old and new Hummel figurines

1980 - 1982

Touring exhibition through various cities in the USA "Formation of an Artist" - early works by Berta Hummel

Juli - October 1985

50 years of M. Innocentia's Hummel figurines, 1935 - 1985 in the Museum of the German Porcelain Industry, Hohenberg a. d. Eger

August 1985

Exhibition "The other Berta Hummel" - on the occasion of the opening of the Berta Hummel Primary School in Massing

6th November 1986 -
1th February 1987

Exhibition in the Diocesan Museum of Regensburg "The Other Berta Hummel - Unknown Works by a Famous Artist"

October 1993

Opening of the Hummel Museum in New Braunfels, Texas, USA

22nd July 1994

Inauguration of the new "Berta-Hummel-Museum in The Hummel House" (place of birth) in Massing

03th November 1996

Exhibition for Berta / M.I. Hummel: 50th anniversary of the death; Hohenzollersche Landesbank Bad Saulgau

6th November 1996

50th anniversary of the death of Berta Hummel: Opening of the exhibition "Last Gifts" in the Berta-Hummel-Museum in the Hummel House in Massing

25th March 1998

"The other Berta Hummel" exhibition at the
City Center Weiden

21st May 1999

90th anniversary of the birthday of Berta Hummel - Opening of the exhibition "Cheerful Beginning" in the Berta-Hummel-Museum in the Hummel House

27th June 2000

Opening of the exhibition "Massing and Berta Hummel" on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of the granting of market privileges to Massing and the anniversary 125 years Hummel family in Massing.

02nd December 2000 -
14th January 2001
Berta / M.I. Hummel Exhibition
Castle Esslingen, Baden

27th June 2001

Opening of the exibition "The Hue of Remembrance", exhibition im memory of Maria Hummel 1951 - 1998, founder of our museum

4th June 2002

Opening og the exhibition "New Discoveries - new Museum Objects"

27th June 2003

Opening of the exhibition "Berta Hummel - Munich Study Years 1927 - 31"

22nd Juli 2004

Opening of the exhibition: "Tracing - 10 Years Anniversary of the Berta-Hummel-Museum"

11th November 2004

Berta Hummel exhibition at the monastery Seeon

27th June 2005

Opening of the exhibition "Rooms of Blossoms"
Berta Hummel / Peter Wittmann
For the first time well-known artists create an interesting dialogue with Berta Hummel

19th May 2006

Opening of the exhibition "Human Pictures"
Berta Hummel meets Horst Janssen

08th November 2006

Memorial exhibition for 60th anniversary of the death of Berta Hummel in the Berta-Hummel-Museum in the Hummel-House in Massing

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