We are pleased to welcome you to the birthplace of the artist, Berta Hummel. On the following pages you will learn that Berta Hummel created much more than those childhood scenes, which later became the basis for the world-famous "Hummel figurines." As you read on, you will learn interesting facts about the Hummel home, a place rich in tradition and culture. The website takes you through the museum itself, informs you about the permanent exhibits and any current special exhibitions. Detailed information is also available about the impressive life of the artist and nun Berta Hummel / M. Innocentia. Finally, in the Museum Shop, you can look through the items available and, if you wish, order directly via internet. Enjoy your visit!

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1st Novelty 2015 available

HUM 2357
First Place
Size 4.25 Inch

SRP: 159,00 €

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Advance Notice: The Hummel Figurines turn 80

The Hummel figurines will celebrate their 80th birthday in the year 2015. The Berta Hummel Museum is planning a very special presentation with the title: From Pictures to Figurines - 80 Years of Hummel Figurines. The exhibition will open in March, 2015. More details will be available the middle of January.

In the exhibition Berta/Maria Innocentia Hummel’s original oil paintings will be shown together with the appropriate Hummel figurines. More than 100 objects from the museum itself, from the convent in Sießen and from private collectors will be on exhibit. There will also be a number of figurines that are seldom available for the public to see, unique figurines that are only being shown in this exhibition. Hummel calendars, Hummel plates, clocks and candle-holders will also be on display.

The closing of the exhibition is planned for spring of 2016.

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Berta Hummel - A Life filled with Art -Part II in the Castle in Braunau

Mayor Johannes Waidbacher opened part II of the exhibition „Berta Hummel -A Life filled with Art“ on September 11th, 2014. The mayor introduced a number of guests of honor, including the district councilman Dr. Georg Wojak and the past mayor of Simbach Mr Guenther Woehl. Mr Waidbacher explained to the guests that Mr Wojak and Mr Woehl, together with Alfred Hummel and the former county commissioner Bruni Mayer were the people really responsible for these border-crossing exhibitions. In a short speech Mr Wojak spoke about the conversation that took place during the reception for the State President Barbara Stamm in Simbach where the idea for these exhibitions was born. Mr Wojak also thanked Alfred Hummel and his team from the Berta Hummel museum. His special thanks went out to Ms Dajana Fascicolo for curating the exhibitions. Following this Alfred Hummel talked briefly about the exhibition in Braunau. Pictures of flowers in many different styles and forms are displayed on one side of the main room. On the other side portraits of children used for the designs of the Hummel figurines can be seen. The respective Hummel figurines are on display with the pictures. The second room is filled with caricatures and wood carvings and also with drawings as concepts for wall paper. Here Mr Hummel recommended a visit to the Hummel Museum where the complete works of Berta Hummel can be seen in rotating exhibitions throughout the year.

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Berta Hummel - A Life filled with Art“ in Simbach on the river Inn

The assistant mayor of the city of Simbach, Mr Klumbies, opened the exhibition „Berta Hummel - A Life filled with Art“ on September 10th, 2014. Mr Klumbies introduced a number of guests of honor, including the Lower Bavarian Vice President Dr. Helmut Graf and his wife, the assistant county commissioner of the county Rottal-Inn Mr Helmuth Lugeder, the former Mayor of Simbach Mr Guenther Woehl with his wife ( one of the founders of this exhibition), the mayor of Braunau Mr Johannes Waidbacher and Mr Alfred Hummel with his team from the Berta Hummel museum. Following a musical interlude from the Dorfner Musik, Mr Hummel talked to the guests about the exhibition. First he introduced the Reverend Mother Sister Ricarda from the cloister Marienhoehe in Simbach. Berta Hummel attended school there for six years, where she did a lot of painting and drawing including „Himmel“ for the Corpus Christi Procession which can be seen at the entrance to the exhibition. Religious pictures follow this famous drawing. A number of Hummel figurines are on display together with Berta Hummel’s drawings which were used to do the figurines. The middle of the room is filled with caricatures, portraits and pictures of the artist herself. The right side of the room is filled with a number of landscape and city pictures from Berta Hummel’s hometown. This exhibition is border crossing as the second part of the exhibition will be in the castle in Braunau starting September 11th, 2014. Both exhibitions will be shown until November 4th, 2014. Mr Hummel also remarked that this exhibition only shows a small part of the works of Berta Hummel and that a much larger showing of her works can be seen in the exhibitions in the museum in Massing throughout the entire year.

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Honoré Daumier’s art is now a permanent guest in the Berta Hummel Museum

84 pages presented to the town by the collector Walter Kames

Massing. Last week the Berta Hummel Museum in Massing had a surprise visit - a very pleasant one that museums seldom have the chance to enjoy. Walter and Brigitte Kames from Munich and the mayor of Massing arrived to make a wonderful gift to the Hummel family home. Walter Kames is one of the most well-known collectors of the graphic arts of the Frenchman Honoré Daumier. He made a gift of more than 4,000 pages to the Olaf Gulbransson Museum in Tegernsee. However after some time the family felt that the Daumier graphic art was distracting from the work of Olaf and decided to no longer keep the pictures in Tegernsee. Walter Kames’s wish is that the unique collection of graphic art should remain available to the public. He is not only a great collector and patron of the Daumier works, but also a collector of work by other artists and also of old security papers.
In 2012 the Berta Hummel Museum displayed over 50 pages from the museum in Tegernsee during the exhibition „City and Country: Honoré Daumier/Berta Hummel“. During that time the first contacts between the Kames and Alfred Hummel took place. In 2013 they presented the city of Massing with 14 graphic pages, followed by another 20 lithographs in 2014. In the meantime the Graphic Collection in Munich realized that they were in possession of two identical copies of a book with 50 colored lithographs by Daumier. And so Mr and Mrs Kames presented the wonderful book with the 50 fantastic caricatures to the town of Massing. And Massing then permanently loaned the book and the other 34 pages to the Berta Hummel Museum. These works of art can be stored appropriately in the museum. When there is an exhibition with a suitable theme, they can then be presented to the public. It is a great pleasure to have such a famous artist like Daumier (1808 to 1879) as a permanent visitor in Massing.

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Exhibition: „Art is my life“ Berta Hummel in Simbach on the Inn and Braunau in Upper Austria

Two new Berta Hummel exhibitions will be opening in the Berta Hummel Museum in Simbach on September 10th, 2014 and in the Upper Austrian Museum in Braunau on September 11th, 2014. The exhibitions are titled: Art is my life.“

Berta Hummel was in the Institute Marienhoehe from 1921 to 1927. So it is very fitting that a number of works from the cloister itself will be exhibited, including „Heaven“ for the Feast of Corpus Christi. Other works of art will include religious motives, landscapes, city views and the children’s paintings that were used for the Hummel figurines. There will be 67 works of art on display, including Hummel figurines.

In Braunau there will be 58 pictures and 17 Hummel figurines on display. They will include flower pictures, caricatures, portraits, patterns that were used for embroidery and children’s paintings that were used to model the Hummel figurines.

The two exhibitions will be open until November 4th, 2014.

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M.I.Hummel Zeitgeist

M.I. Hummel Zeitgeist is a new interpretation of the classic Hummel-Figurine. By renouncing the painting, the focal point is on the essence of the figurine - its shape. Thereby, main characteristics remain but the different design sets the figurine in a complete new light. Structure instead of ornament. The creative driving force behind the Zeitgeist range are the siblings Veronika and Maximilian Hummel, descendants of Berta Hummel, creator of the world-famous M.I. Hummel-Figurines. With their motto ‘less is more’ the Hummel siblings link arts and crafts tradition with the present. The metamorphosis of a classic to modern sculpture. M.I. Hummel Zeitgeist is being produced by the Manufaktur Rödental in Germany. The high-quality porcelain figurines are made by hand in a complex manufacturing process during which they are molded, cast and go through the process of firing several times.

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Events at the Open-Air Museum Massing

For actual events and exhibitions of the Open-Air Museum Massing please visit

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