We are pleased to welcome you to the birthplace of the artist, Berta Hummel. On the following pages you will learn that Berta Hummel created much more than those childhood scenes, which later became the basis for the world-famous "Hummel figurines." As you read on, you will learn interesting facts about the Hummel home, a place rich in tradition and culture. The website takes you through the museum itself, informs you about the permanent exhibits and any current special exhibitions. Detailed information is also available about the impressive life of the artist and nun Berta Hummel / M. Innocentia. Finally, in the Museum Shop, you can look through the items available and, if you wish, order directly via internet. Enjoy your visit!

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Novelties 2014

The first novelties 2014 are available.

HUM 532 First Day of School
HUM 2359 Off On A New Adventure (New Founder's Collection 2014)

Please visit our Online-Shop.

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M.I. Hummel Collectors’ Society

We are very pleased to announce that Brenda and Randy McKenrick of the Hummel Archive Gallery in Pennsylvania are now managing the Official M.I. Hummel Collectors’ Society. Brenda and Randy are long time collectors and we have been working together with them for many years. Their in-depth knowledge of Hummel, their passion and believe in the M. I. Hummel Collectors’ Society makes them a trustworthy partner for us.

Congratulations & Good Luck!

Alfred Hummel / 09.04.2014 / eMail

International Museum Day on May 18th, 2014

The goal set for the annual International Museum Day is to call attention to the 6,500 museums in Germany and to the vast spectrum of subjects they cover. This day makes it possible for museums worldwide to work together to make more people aware of the cultural and social significance of these institutions. It is also an opportunity to interest the public in visiting museums and discovering their treasures. The theme this year is „Sammeln verbindet - Museum collections make connections.“

On this day the Berta Hummel Museum wishes to invite you to visit the newly opened exhibition „Traces of Humanity" Andreas Kuhnlein/Berta Hummel.

There will be a film showing from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. detailing the life of Andreas Kuhnlein. His wooden sculptures are now being displayed in the museum together with works from Berta Hummel.

A special guided tour will take place at 2 p.m. This tour will take the visitors through the exhibition and is free of charge. Join the guided tour and learn about the lives and works of Berta/M.I.Hummel and Andreas Kuhnlein.

The visitors can enjoy something special on the International Museum Day. All of the figurines from the Hummel Clubs will be on display - including the figurines made annually, the exclusive Club figurines and the figurines for long-time members. This club has existed since 1977 and connects collectors from all over the world.

We look forward to your visit on the International Museum Day on May 18th, 2014 from 1-5 p.m.

Alfred Hummel / 09.04.2014 / eMail

Record-breaking participation at the Open Air Museum in Massing

Odds-on favorite Josef Diensthuber from the team Holzlandlauf won the 8000 meter jubilee race in 26 minutes and 50 seconds. In the women’s race Irmi Schönhuber from LG Mettenheim beat a member of her club, LG Mettenheim, by one second with a time of 34 minutes and 11 seconds.

The magazine „Bayerische Laufzeitung“ called the Berta Hummel Race in Massing’s Open Air Museum the best race event in Bavaria. That could be verified by the 176 racers and 52 „walkers“ who took part in the event.

At the award presentation the master of ceremonies introduced Alfred Hummel, who presented the grand prizes to Josef Diensthuber and Irmi Schönhuber. They each received a Hummel figurine specially made for this jubilee race. Mayor Josef Auer also welcomed the guests who had come from near and far and praised the race as an important part of the racing program in Lower Bavaria.

Roland Wunderlich presented the best racers with certificates and trophies made of beechwood and decorated with the Hummel logo.

Alfred Hummel / 03.04.2014 / eMail

Love for creation and art

On March, 26, 2014 was an article about our new exhibition at the Rottaler Anzeiger.

Alfred Hummel / 26.03.2014 / eMail

Official Opening of the Exhibition „Traces of Humanity“ Andreas Kuhnlein / Berta Hummel

On Friday evening, March 21,2014, the director of the Lower Bavarian Open Air Museum in Massing Dr. Martin Ortmeier greeting the guests assembled for the opening of the exhibition „Traces of Humanity“ Andreas Kuhnlein / Berta Hummel. He called attention to the six large sculptures by the artist Andreas Kuhnlein which are on display in the open air museum, as they are too large and too heavy to display in the upstairs rooms of the Berta Hummel Museum. He also praised the excellent cooperation between the two museums and the combo-tickets allowing visits to both museums.

The second part of the official opening took place in the Berta-Hummel-Museum in the Hummel family home. Alfred Hummel greeted the many guests and expressed his appreciation that Andreas Kuhnlein, his wife and two daughters were present for the evening. Dr. Thomas Pröckl, speaking for president of the district council who is out of the country at present, opened the exhibition with a speech about the two artists, Berta Hummel and Andreas Kuhnlein. Then Dr. Martin Ortmeier introduced the works of art in the exhibition from the viewpoint of an art historian.

The curator of the Berta-Hummel-Museum in the Hummel family home, Dr. Genoveva Nitz, chose the works of Berta Hummel, including some never shown before, to be displayed together with those by Andreas Kuhnlein. In the entrance to the museum the portrait „I know that I am unknowing“ stands opposite the two self-portraits by the artist Berta Hummel and a porcelain bust of the Franciscan nun. In one of the rooms upstairs the visitor can see religious motives, along with Andrea Kuhnlein’s wooden sculptures „The Bridegroom and the two Virgins“ and „Pensive“. At the end of the hall there is a the sculpture „The enthroned“ - a children’s motive sculptured in honor of the birth of Andrea Kuhnlein’s first grandson. Dr. Nitz chose a series of children’s portraits to complement Andreas Kuhnlein’s sculpture. Berta Hummel’s landscapes and city views are to be seen in the den. Andreas Kuhnlein chose his sculptures „Retrospect“, „Heloless“, „Care“ and „Liberation“ to be displayed in the same room. In the last room a series of four figures from Andreas Kuhnlein can be seen, showing the evolution of man. Berta Hummel’s portraits done as pencil sketches, water colors, in charcoal or pastels and displayed in this last room complement the four sculptures.

The exhibition in both museums will be open until October 31st, 2014.

The museum is open Monday through Friday from 9a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday and holidays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Alfred Hummel / 25.03.2014 / eMail

New Exhibition Signs in Massing

As of yesterday signs can be seen when entering Massing inviting you to visit the new exhibition "Traces of Humanity“ Andreas Kuhnlein/Berta Hummel. This exhibition lasts until October 31, 2014.

Alfred Hummel / 19.03.2014 / eMail

10th Berta Hummel Marathon in Massing

The annual Berta Hummel Marathon at the Lower Bavarian Open Air Museum will take place on Sunday, March 30th, 2014. This is definitely a highlight among the races in Bavaria. At 9 a.m. the race starts for the very youngest, followed by the race for pupils and hobby runners. The main race covering 8000 meters for men and women begins at 10.15 a.m. More information about the race can be found at The winners will both receive a valuable Hummel figurine specially made for the Berta Hummel anniversary race.

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Wood Sculptures from Andreas Kuhnlein have arrived

Yesterday, March 17th 2014, Andreas Kuhnlein’s wood sculptures for the exhibition "Traces of Humanity“ arrived. Fourteen very impressive sculptures by the well-known artist from Unterwoessen will be on display in our exhibition rooms. Another six sculptures were delivered and set up at the Open Air Museum. After the opening of the new exhibition on Friday, March 21, 2014, the museum will be open to the public. We look forward to seeing you there. The museum is open Monday through Friday from 9a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday and holidays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Composition of the new Exhibition

Today we started with the composition of our new exhibition "Traces of Humanity - Andreas Kuhnlein / Berta Hummel". The first step is hanging the paintings of Berta Hummel which fit together with the sculptures of Andreas Kuhnlein. The paintings are an interesting mix of religious motives, portraits and landscapes, as well as woodcut of Massing.

On Monday 17th, Andreas Kuhnlein will deliver his wooden sculptures. We are already very excited! And of course we will keep you informed.

Quick reminder: the exhibition starts on the 22nd of March. We very much look forward to your visit.

Alfred Hummel / 12.03.2014 / eMail

Traces of Humanity - Andreas Kuhnlein / Berta Hummel

Exhibition from March 21st to October 31st, 2014

One of the most important responsibilities for the curator of a museum is making contact with and talking to other artists at the art shows. And that is the way the first contacts with Andreas Kuhnlein and his wife Geli took place - at the opening of the exhibition in Miesbach. The parents-in-law of my daughter Stefanie were also a great help, as they have been friends with Andreas Kuhnlein for many years. As a result we now have the opportunity of showing 23 sculptures in the museums in Massing - 14 in the Berta Hummel Museum and 9 in the Lower Bavarian Open Air Museum.

Andreas Kuhnlein was born in Unterwoessen in the Chiemgau in 1953. For him the tree is the intrinsic symbol for man. Using branches from dead or upturned trees, he turns them into human beings - characterized by their vulnerability and their perishability. Kuhnlein believes that a tree with its annual growth rings bears the same traces of time as the human countenance. They are pictures that make us ask the questions - who are we? where do we come from? and where are we going?
His exhibitions have been seen in a great number of places, both within and outside of Germany.

Berta M.I. Hummel - a name that has become a world-famous trademark because of the porcelain figurines. The march of fame for the „Hummel children“ began in the 1930’s and the porcelain children have been enjoyed by many generations of lovers of the figurines. For many years the versatility of the highly talented young artist remained hidden behind the idyllic world of the Hummel children. But there were many other sides to Berta Hummel. Many works of art from her university time in Munich, before she entered the convent and where she still signed her pictures with "Berta Hummel" remain today. We will be showing pieces of Berta Hummel’s art that complement the sculptures from Andreas Kuhlein. These include religious motives, landscape pictures and portraits.

In the last years more and more people have become interested in this other highly talented Berta Hummel, in her life and her art work. Her story is one of success, an attestation to her time, but also in some ways a tragedy.

Alfred Hummel / 12.03.2014 / eMail

A Happy New Year 2014!

The new Hummel year started very peaceful and we wish you all the best for 2014.

The management in Rödental is still working on finding a reasonable solution on how to proceed with the Hummel Club in the States, the undelivered club figurines as well as the U.S. supply. It is a very sensitive issue but we are positive that there will be an announcement in a short time. As soon as we have new information we will let you know.

Thank you very much for being so patience and your strong believe in Hummel.

Alfred Hummel / 12.03.2014 / eMail

Hummel in the Bavarian Television

On Monday 16th of December 2013 the Bavarian Television ‘BR’ showed a documentary about Hummel. Unfortunately it’s in German however, the images are very nice. The report starts by showing Veronika's smallest Hummel Shop. Followed by a visit in the Berta-Hummel-Museum with Alfred Hummel. And a tour with the new owner Peter-Paul Schmidt-Fischer through the Hummel Manufaktur in Rödental .Enjoy watching it.

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New Company Name Announced

A name for the new factory of M.I. Hummel Figurines has been found: Hummel Manufaktur GmbH

Alfred Hummel / 12.03.2014 / eMail

The new owners of the Porcelain Factory visit the Berta Hummel Museum in the Hummel family home

On November 4th, 2013, the new owners of the porcelain factory, Mr Peter-Paul Schmidt-Fischer and Dr. Peter Kapitza, visited the Hummel Museum in the Hummel family home. The day was spent in intensive discussions about the future of the porcelain factory in Roedental. Veronika and Alfred Hummel assured the new owners of their complete support in rebuilding the structure of the firm. The Hummel family looks forward to a long and satisfying working relationship with them. They will meet again in two weeks in Roedental to discuss further actions and to work on new contracts.

from left to right: Peter-Paul Schmidt-Fischer, Veronika Hummel, Dr. Peter Kapitza, Alfred Hummel

Alfred Hummel / 12.03.2014 / eMail

American Hummel Club Convention in Las Vegas from September 5th through September 7th, 2013

More than 450 friends of the Hummel figurines, including 254 Hummel Club members from 45 US states, met in Las Vegas for this year's Hummel Convention. Overshadowed by the Rödental Porcelain Factory's pending bankruptcy, this convention was also poorly and very unprofessionally organized. The president of the American Hummel clubs, Karen DeBow, was not up to the job required of her. The club members, all of whom had come to meet and share information with other Hummel friends, did not seem to be disturbed by the lack of organization.

Mr Köster sent a video message - with the message "everything is fine." A club member commented with the statement, "That's a lie. He must live in a parallel world."

Veronika and Alfred Hummel, who had also made the trip to Las Vegas, were unfortunately not allowed to make their presentation. It seems as if Mr Köster did not want the people at the convention to be informed about the present situation. Some very active American Hummel Club members arranged a meeting in a separate room. Alfred Hummel gave the presentation which you can read at the end of this text. Veronika Hummel introduced herself - as the family member who will help her father in supporting the American Hummel clubs. She took this opportunity to present a new black figurine from the series "Zeitgeist". The Hummel collectors viewed the figurine with real enthusiasm.

Ladies and gentlemen – dear friends,

I am Alfred Hummel, the nephew of Berta/M.I.Hummel and the director of the Berta-Hummel-Museum in Massing. I am very happy that I, together with my daughter Veronika, was asked to come to Las Vegas to join you at your convention. Warmest greetings to you all!

The invitation to the convention was extended several months ago under a different situation. Unfortunately – now, in the last weeks, dark clouds have gathered over the Hummel figurines. I assume that you all know that the Manufaktur Rödental has filed for insolvency. An insolvency administrator has been appointed, who is at the moment evaluating the situation.

In the last two weeks I have tried to reassure the employees in Rödental, who are the most impacted by the insolvency, and to give them the feeling that they are not alone. I have recently been informed by Mr. Hohenstein, the head of production in Rödental, that most of the employees have returned to work and that figurines are being produced.

I do not wish to try and go into detail concerning the insolvency or what caused it. One thing, however, is certain: Mr. Köster, the hitherto owner of Manufaktur Rödental, has done significant damage to the Hummel brand and it is high time for him to make his final exit before the damage is made even worse. Not only here in the USA have you Club members not received your membership figurines – the European members are also waiting for theirs.

I assure you that the Hummel family still believes in the Hummel figurines and continues to hold the name “Hummel” high. We will not let a gambler get us down and we are looking forward: We are of the firm opinion that we, together with the Convent of Siessen, will find a capable person who will again successfully position the Hummel figurine line in the market.

My daughter Veronika is accompanying me today – please accept this as a sign that our entire family stands 100% behind the Hummel idea. Veronika will be supporting me even more in the future – the Berta-Hummel-Museum im Hummelhaus in Massing already belongs to her. I am pleased to introduce my daughter Veronika to you and to give her the floor. She has prepared a short presentation about herself and our family for you.

Thank you!

Alfred Hummel / 12.03.2014 / eMail

M.I.Hummel Zeitgeist

M.I. Hummel Zeitgeist is a new interpretation of the classic Hummel-Figurine. By renouncing the painting, the focal point is on the essence of the figurine - its shape. Thereby, main characteristics remain but the different design sets the figurine in a complete new light. Structure instead of ornament. The creative driving force behind the Zeitgeist range are the siblings Veronika and Maximilian Hummel, descendants of Berta Hummel, creator of the world-famous M.I. Hummel-Figurines. With their motto ‘less is more’ the Hummel siblings link arts and crafts tradition with the present. The metamorphosis of a classic to modern sculpture. M.I. Hummel Zeitgeist is being produced by the Manufaktur Rödental in Germany. The high-quality porcelain figurines are made by hand in a complex manufacturing process during which they are molded, cast and go through the process of firing several times.

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Events at the Open-Air Museum Massing

For actual events and exhibitions of the Open-Air Museum Massing please visit

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